"Jerusalem the Golden". "Jerusalem of Stone". "The jewel of the world". "Celestial City". "Kiryah Ne'emanah". "The Holy City". "Moriah" ...

Endless names and attributes have this unique city. Is it a wonder then that so many through the centuries have yearned to live within her walls?

Today, more than ever before, Jerusalem spreads her magical spell over young and old, secular and religious, businessmen and academics, dreamers and artists.

However, coming to live in Jerusalem is not just a matter of falling under the city's spell. Settling here involves a multitude of complex procedures: Purchasing or renting a property,  dealing with Israel's famed bureaucracy, and many other foreboding realities.

If only there was somebody who could help you through the maze. Lead you through the labyrinth and guide you safely to your new home in Jerusalem.

Now there is: My Home in Jerusalem. The easy way to settle in Jerusalem.